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Our classes are designed to promote structural balance throughout your body, are inline with the Pilates method, and are guaranteed to have you feeling every muscle working.


The use of props further ensures that you are getting the utmost from each work-out, leaving you feeling empowered after each and every class!


Base Tempo

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Our Base Tempo classes are designed for people that are new to exercise and those that are new to Reformer Pilates. You will learn the foundational reformer pilates exercises, how the bed moves and how the spring system works. Prepare to be challenged both physically and mentally whilst feeling supported and encouraged by your teacher.

Base Tempo is also the perfect class for those those that are returning to reformer pilates after having a break, or those that really want to fine tune their technique.

Level Tempo


Level Tempo are our studio’s open level classes. Prepare for a greater demand on your body with more technical exercises, and your mind to be challenged by more complex choreography. Our teachers will offer a variety of ways to make each exercises easier and harder, so you are will be able to work within your body’s capacity, whilst being able to continually push your capabilities using the reformer.

Pre & Post Natal

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Base, Level, Strong and Slow Tempo classes are all open to pre and post-natal* clients. Our experienced teachers are qualified in pre and post natal training, so our clients can be assured they are in the best possible hands and can continue to exercise throughout their pregnancy and after their baby has arrived. The class will be adjusted according to all researched contra-indications, as well as in alignment with your body and your stage of pregnancy.


*clearance from your health-care professional is required prior to attending your first class as a pre-natal client and your first return to class post-natally.

Slow Tempo


Our Slow Tempo class has been designed to create a beautiful mind/body connection, enhance that mindful burn, open up tights joints, lengthen shortened muscles and move with intention.

Walk out of Tempo feeling a few centremeters taller and a lot lighter on your feet.

Strong Tempo


Strong Tempo is everything our members have come to know and love about the Tempo style of Reformer Pilates but with a greater focus on progressive overload techniques designed to get you super strong. Our Strong Tempo classes incorporate training styles you would find in the gym, think HIIT, drop sets, and pause repetitions, in order to challenge your muscles and in turn create a bigger strength output.

We all know the benefits of training with weights and we think incorporating strength training and Reformer Pilates is a sure fire recipe for success.

Strong Tempo is not an advanced class and is a class accessible to the beginner and experienced Tempo member. 

Private and Semi-Private


Feel like you need a little extra love or maybe you want to work on a particular area of you body, then our private classes are for you! Have a friend, or two, or three that would like to get in on the action, our semi-private classes are the answer. Bespoke classes will be designed around your needs and goals, ensuring you feel empowered and catered for in every way possible.


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Are you a company looking to boost team morale and show your staff you truly care about their mental and physical well-being? Tempo can offer you and your staff individually designed classes at a time that suits your business' schedule.


It has been proven that a business team that trains together, stays together, so why not book your team in to a corporate session at Tempo and watch their productivity sky rocket!?

Teen Tempo


We welcome those aged from 13 to Tempo Reformer as we believe educating our youth on the importance of health and fitness, as well as teaching them how to correctly move their bodies, is our responsibility as fitness professionals.

Teens can enjoy a $20 Casual Class Pass and can book any Base or Slow Tempo on the calendar.

Tempo Reformer also offers a Teen & Parent Tempo Casual Class Pack for $35 as we want to support parent's in creating an even stronger connection with their teens.

Parents with Strollers


Here at Tempo we understand the juggle of returning to exercise after welcoming a new baby into your home and the apprehensiveness that may surround leaving your baby at a gym creche. We welcome Mums and Dads along with their baby into our Parents with Stroller* classes. We ask that your baby be non-mobile and you bring your stroller, capsule, blanket or baby seat so that your baby can be comfortable while you work out. We will keep the music a little lower so as not to disturb sleeping babes.

Enjoy a $25 Casual Class Pass and if your baby doesn't make it through the class, we will refund or transfer your class so you can try again another day.

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