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Tempo Reformer Pilates offers group dynamic Reformer Pilates classes that will have you lengthening, strengthening and toning every muscle in your body.


Carefully curated by our team of experienced teachers, our classes pay homage to the original pilates method whilst incorporating other elements from the fitness world; HIIT, strength training, plyometrics, yoga and more.

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All set to beat driven music to keep you motivated and inspired, our classes integrate the use of different props to continually push you to progress your pilates practice. 

We welcome everyone at Tempo:   newbies, experienced clients, all ages, all stages, the boys, pre and post natal Mums and those recovering from, and exercising with, injuries. Our goal is for everyone to love being in our space as much as we do.


Each session will challenge you and we guarantee you'll be leaving the studio with that post work-out glow!

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