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Hayley is a Northern Beaches local who has a love for nature and being outdoors. With a passion for health and movement, Hayley has a unique, multifaceted approach to her teaching and her own training. Having honed her skills in the fitness industry over the last seven years, it was Pilates that stole her heart over the course of her career. Guiding people through their Pilates practice is where she truly thrives.

The main thing Hayley loves about Pilates is the mind/body/breath connection and the body awareness that people gain.

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Hayley has followed a daily Reformer Pilates practice for years and she has never felt longer, stronger or more in touch with her body.


Hayley decided a few years ago that she wanted to take her Pilates teaching to the next level and has successfully completed her Diploma of Clinical Pilates which she feels has greatly improved her teaching ability in the dynamic style of classes offered at Tempo Reformer.

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