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Erin’s passion for health and fitness spans over two decades and has seen her work within the industry for over ten years. Starting her career as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach, it is here that Erin found her true love for all things human movement and it was after having her second child that she discovered Pilates. Erin initially undertook her Pilates Matwork teacher training to further help her gym based clients build a stronger core. It was soon evident to her how effective the Pilates method was and she was hooked!! Following the birth of her third child, Erin decided to focus purely on teaching group Reformer Pilates.


Erin's passion for Pilates is evident when you attend one of her classes! Challenging, upbeat, and cleverly designed sessions is what sets her apart from your run of the mil teacher. Her background in the gym space ensures each client’s technique and execution is correct and she greatly understands how to effectively regress exercises so people feel well looked after and how to progress exercises to ensure each individual is continually challenged in their Pilates practice.

Opening her own studio was a natural progression for Erin. Her biggest desire is to build a team of like-minded, talented teachers as well as create an amazing community of members and clients. She wants everyone who visits the studio to feel truly supported as they strive to reach their fitness goals.


Erin can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into her beautiful studio!

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