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"Movement is medicine, move your mind, body & soul!” Says Bre


Well, Pilates is her medicine and she wants it to be yours too!


Bre has been a Personal trainer for over seven years and found her love for Pilates pretty quickly in her health and fitness journey. 

She loves the challenge that Reformer Pilates affords not just herself but those that attend her classes. Her passion is helping people move better and watching them get stronger and fitter as their love for Reformer grows.


Following the birth of her daughter, Bre took a keen interest in Pre and Post Natal Reformer Pilates. She saw how beneficial her own Pilates practice was during her pregnancy and labour recovery. She wanted to be able to share her knowledge from her first hand experience and it was here she decided to obtain her Certification in Pre and Post Natal Reformer training.

Bre’s favourite thing about reformer is the beautiful controlled burn, being able to switch on those tiny muscle groups, being able to offer low impact options and using that integral mind-body connection… she loves that people find this so empowering and being able to facilitate this power is what Bre truly loves about teaching Reformer Pilates.


You can expect a loving, high-energy, tailored burn when you attend one of Bre’s classes.

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